Small beginnings…

Shift Project
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“Don’t despise small beginnings” is a great way to introduce this project that my wife Jessica and I were priviliged to collaborate with such great people and to enjoy a sense of victory! Often times, I start on a project and rarely get finished due to pursuing another idea and the cycle continues. As a husband, I am learning the importance of developing a family vision and implementing a strategy to fulfill our destiny. My wife and I each have a chapter featured in this book titled” The SHIFT” produced by Dr. Janet Hogan Lamar. I imagined doing a writing project to include a book signing event with my wife but not so soon! Thanks to all who supported us and the event especially to two of my surprise family members (Georgia Right to Life Inc.), Ms. Zemmie Fleck and Mrs. Genieveve Wilson! What’s next? Good question! Honestly, all I can assure you of is that it will definitely be even better!

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4 Steps to Communicating Vision — Michael Hyatt

As leaders, we have to lead first by vision. If we can’t create a compelling picture of the future, something that’s really desirable, it will be very hard to motivate our team to change or to take on big tasks to fulfill our purpose. That’s why I wrote The Vision-Driven Leader, to help leaders develop…

via 4 Steps to Communicating Vision — Michael Hyatt

One month down, forever to Go!

Today marks one month since I have been married to the former Ms. Jessica Spencer. The journey has been pleasant to state the least and I look forward to the many memories we will share as the journey continues.

We are forever grateful to everyone that supported us especially my immediate family, friends, and my Crisp RYDC family!

Stay tuned!



The Daniels Family: The Promised Edition

Faith in the face of adversity: Practicing resilience in daily life

Sometimes in life, we become so focused on the finish line that we fail to find joy in the journey.-By President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Life has its seasons and each season has its appointed time and believe it or not a purpose. Pursuing indicators of success such as owning a home, purchase of a luxury vehicle, obtaining a bachelor’s degree and/or higher, and employment with a high paid salary to name a few are often pursued first which is contrary to the way of living in the kingdom of God (Matt.6:33). I recall my first time failing a course in the history of my “education.” During my second year of college, my grade point average was a rock steady 3.0 each quarter! This was a huge accomplishment for me for several reasons to include the fact that I was enlisted in the military simultaneously and furthering my education on scholarship all of which I had deemed impossible yet managed to muster faith to pursue. Honestly, I was trying to make sense of my life and the decisions that I had made. Although I viewed my first ever failed course as a catastrophe, now I deem it as another great learning opportunity  that taught me how to overcome past, present and future failures and to remain optimistic no matter what season life yields (1 Thess. 5:18). This particular event shifted my definition of success and encouraged me to reflect on the fact that even Jesus Christ had to be processed before fulfilling his assignment that He was sent to accomplish. Considerably, my situations have not been and I truly doubt will ever be as excruciating as His crucifixion for starters and definitely not worthy to be compared with the glory that will be revealed in us (Romans 8:18). With this in mind, I have learned to view life as a classroom, to appreciate every moment and to allow God’s thoughts to define you, your life and everything around you. The journey does get tough, but remember that seasons do not last forever!


Mr. Lenoris Daniels

Mr. Personhood

Leadership Reflections: Ordained Relationships

Not everyone will understand your journey. That’s fine. It’s not their journey to make sense of. It’s yours.- Zero Dean

The first time I heard this quote and it really caused me to go into deep reflection. For the most part, I agree; however, I would like to make a statement that I think would be fitting for this era and the issues that we face as a nation. For example, fatherlessness is an issue that is dear to my heart for many reasons to include my personal experience until I discovered the existence of my heavenly Father! Circumstances surrounding my birth and arrival were quite adverse and complex for me to fully understand at such a young age and at times I did feel as if no one understood me. As a result, I would remain silent about certain concerns that I had which only resulted in a reservoir of unresolved anger and very disruptive behavior while at home only. I think my parents viewed their decisions as part of their journey but failed to recognize that I was also included along with my other siblings. With this in mind, I would suggest that it’s important to know that not everyone will understand but some people can relate and provide wisdom and direction. The key is to learn how to recognize whom God has sent into your life and the purpose they serve.  Soliciting wisdom from individuals that you know have your best interest at heart can save you from continuing a cycle that was present in the previous generation such as alcoholism, violence, poor stewardship, and unhealthy relationships to name a few.


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Happy 88th Birthday, Mother Sadler

Deterioration of the spine, but it’s not deterring my mind.- Mother Bertha Sadler

February 2, 2018 marked a milestone in the life of a very special young lady that I deeply cherish for her valuable contributions to my life in word and deed. I am so thankful to witness her existence. She is always so encouraging and filled with wisdom and a healthy sense of humor yet very seasoned. I would like to thank all of her children and grandchildren for sharing her with us at my local church. I pray that the Lord will continue to increase your faith and remember Mother, the Lord still has need of you here on earth! Keep sharing your faith and priceless words of wisdom! Happy Birthday Mother Bertha Sadler! I love you dearly!

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Happy New Year!

Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction.

Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy.

Proverbs 31:8-9

Kingdom greetings to you and yours! Thanks be unto God for being able to witness such a grand occasion! I welcome you to journey with me for this is my year to produce and to walk in authority as a son of God. Today marks the thirty-fourth anniversary of the National Sanctity of Human Life Day as proclaimed first by then President Ronald Reagan. Unfortunately, I was unable to be present with thousands of pro-life Georgians assembled together at Liberty Plaza on Friday, January 19th in Atlanta to commemorate the lives of over 60,000,000 innocent, defenseless, pre-born babies that have been killed as a result of the Supreme Court decision (Roe v. Wade) legalizing abortion in 1973. One of my primary goals for this year is to be a voice not an echo crying in the wilderness preparing the way of the Lord! Stay tuned for a LIFE production! I pray that your faith be strengthened, that the fear of the Lord be pressed upon your heart, and that you will be more receptive to the voice our Father in heaven! It’s time for the Creator’s commands to be trumpeted boldly in love without compromise. Truly, I believe that bold faith will reveal your enemies as well as provoke your enemies to acknowledge the power of God (Daniel 4:34) as a result of our tested faith and obedience. Always remember that no matter what that God is sovereign!

Happy New Year!


Mr. Lenoris Daniels