Happy 88th Birthday, Mother Sadler

Deterioration of the spine, but it’s not deterring my mind.- Mother Bertha Sadler

February 2, 2018 marked a milestone in the life of a very special young lady that I deeply cherish for her valuable contributions to my life in word and deed. I am so thankful to witness her existence. She is always so encouraging and filled with wisdom and a healthy sense of humor yet very seasoned. I would like to thank all of her children and grandchildren for sharing her with us at my local church. I pray that the Lord will continue to increase your faith and remember Mother, the Lord still has need of you here on earth! Keep sharing your faith and priceless words of wisdom! Happy Birthday Mother Bertha Sadler! I love you dearly!

Photo Credit: Ted Sadler

Lenoris Daniels

Mr. Personhood

Published by

Mr. Personhood

I am first an ambassador of the kingdom of God, a devoted husband of one wife, and an emerging leader that has served in various positions that have helped prepare me for my purpose to include different events that have occurred in my life. I enjoy reading, serving in my local church, and helping others to discover the greatness within them.

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