Small beginnings…

Shift Project
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“Don’t despise small beginnings” is a great way to introduce this project that my wife Jessica and I were priviliged to collaborate with such great people and to enjoy a sense of victory! Often times, I start on a project and rarely get finished due to pursuing another idea and the cycle continues. As a husband, I am learning the importance of developing a family vision and implementing a strategy to fulfill our destiny. My wife and I each have a chapter featured in this book titled” The SHIFT” produced by Dr. Janet Hogan Lamar. I imagined doing a writing project to include a book signing event with my wife but not so soon! Thanks to all who supported us and the event especially to two of my surprise family members (Georgia Right to Life Inc.), Ms. Zemmie Fleck and Mrs. Genieveve Wilson! What’s next? Good question! Honestly, all I can assure you of is that it will definitely be even better!

Some of our Supporters!

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Mr. Personhood

I am first an ambassador of the kingdom of God, a devoted husband of one wife, and an emerging leader that has served in various positions that have helped prepare me for my purpose to include different events that have occurred in my life. I enjoy reading, serving in my local church, and helping others to discover the greatness within them.

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