Reflections: My Family’s Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just that and much more in my family. Truly, I am forever grateful for your many blessings that I definitely do not deserve on my own merit. As I grow, I recognize more and more the importance of the small things that make a big difference such as the institution of the family according to God’s Word. Despite the fact that my family is “dysfunctional,” the healing that God has yielded is so amazing! To have the opportunity to witness the changes that time has brought about such as the birth of children, marriages and divorces, forgiveness from past hurts and/or movement from one location to another and countless others is indeed a privilege. November 24th marked Mary’s 59th birthday celebrated at Golden Corral in the presence of most of my siblings, two daughther-in-laws, and eight of the fifteen grandchildren. My nephew, Kendall rendered a beautiful selection of ” Happy Birthday, Grandma” on his newly purchased saxophone and he also informed us to our surprise that he had only been practicing for a few weeks or so!

Mom also received a lump sum collected by my siblings and I in addition to a delectable cake that we were too full to consume. This occasion marked a milestone in the growth of my faith in the Lord that I will share in the near future!



Mr. Lenoris Daniels

“Mr. Pershonhood”

Truth or Christian Cliche: Why does bad things happen to good people?

I will be the first to admit that life does present innumerable challenges but they are certainly not insurmountable. This cliche”bad things happen to good people: comes to mind in the midst of adverse circumstances or when things do not go as I had planned. I can recall many times that my plans were either delayed or just a complete disaster! My frequent conclusion was to simply not plan for anything at all. However, I have learned that if you fail to plan, failure is inevitable and to always prioritize God’s desires above our own. On the contrary, I believe that good things happen to bad people! Contrary to popular belief, man is innately evil apart from the grace of God. This truth humbles me daily and reminds me that I am nothing without Jesus Christ and to always maintain an attitude of gratitude no matter what circumstances are presented (1 Thess. 5:18)! Rain or shine, God is worthy to be praised! Do I grieve, get angry or depressed? Most definitely, but by the grace of God I do not remain there because I know who’s bringing my future and no matter what situation arises He has provided everything I need to overcome every obstacle! With this in mind, I would just like to thank the Lord for his protection during an accident that I had last year during the month of October!  I was at fault but no fatal injuries to either party involved but did result in total loss of both vehicles involved. The response time of my”dysfunctional” family was very heartwarming and brought tears to my eyes. Four of my siblings arrived simultaneously to the arrival of the local fire, police, sheriff’s office and of course the Georgia State Trooper!  What a mighty God we serve! The following month, I was blessed to be able to purchase my first brand new 2017 Ford Fusion S with no money down! Salute to Mr. Membrish Brown and the Sunbelt Ford Team of Cordele for your services and professionalism! Truly, all things are working together for the good of those that love the Lord and are called according to his purpose (Romans 8:28).

Photo Credit: Mr. Lenoris Daniels

Mr. Lenoris Daniels

Is neglecting to preach the gospel of the kingdom of God to children child abuse?


But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 19:14


Children are a gift from God. In addition, it’s quite a privilege considering that children are the heritage of the Lord! Unfortunately, in christian circles we have this view in theory but the exact opposite in practical terms. Although I have attended public institutions, I am so grateful for and highly esteem my local church and its faithfulness to the Word of God and thumbs up to my parents for making it mandatory to hear the Word of God during our countless worship services and constantly reminding me of its supreme authority. Salute to my pastors for remaining faithful to prayer, study and ministry of the Word! However, I must state that it is time to place  greater emphasis on planting seeds in the lives of our youth as early as the moment of conception if we desire to possess the gates of our enemies! We must start now! Neglecting to devote adequate time to teach children the Word of God violates God’s law and is a form of child abuse. What are you or your local church doing to prepare our children to declare to the nations of His excellencies?


Why I Am Done With Thoughts and Prayers

Please read this post carefully and meditate on its message! May your heart be inclined and your faith be activated!

brandon andress

There is no question that social media has this amazing way of evoking our very best and our very worst.

But sometimes, our widespread immersion in social media can even make the most innocuous and otherwise unnoticed idle chatter turn into a massive tsunami of worthless throw aways, just by their sheer volume.

In other words, when each of us has the ability to see, in real time, the social media responses of hundreds of thousands of people to tragedy after tragedy after tragedy, a certain pattern emerges and becomes evident, that may have otherwise gone unnoticed or undetected if we were not so connected to everyone.

And this is certainly the case with the perpetual inundation of “thoughts and prayers,” that find their way scattered under news stories, across timelines, and in comment sections every day for every single triviality or real tragedy.

What may have never reached critical…

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My Baby is a Person

Photo Credit: Sweeter than Life Photography

August 27 @ 4:30 pm marked the first celebration of life event that I had the privilege of co-hosting as the Georgia Right To Life Chapter Leader for Wilcox County. It is such a blessing to work with God and the people he has graciously created! The event exceeded my expectations and was filled with laughter, food and countless gifts! In addition to gifts, the unique event, called “My Baby is a Person” baby shower, will include an information booth sponsored by the Wilcox County Chapter of Georgia Right to Life (GRTL). My  idea behind the event was to use an event celebrating an expected birth to bring attention to the fact that all innocent human life regardless of age or circumstances- is to be valued and protected.

Thanks to the prospective parents of Ms. Sierra Dasher and  Mr. Shannon Sea of Cordele were selected for the event by a drawing from a list of applicants. I especially praise this couple for their decision to have their child even though they have been told that their baby could have a disability. Personally, I believe that a disability doesn’t deny a child its personhood. This couple is an inspirational example for other couples who may face a similar situation.

The expectant couple will be presented with a “My Baby is a Person” T-shirt, and a gift basket and cake generously donated by Mrs. Michelle Turner who has also volunteered to be the chapter’s treasurer. I hope this event will draw attention to life issues and encourage participants to become GRTL volunteers.  Special thanks to Mr.  and Mrs. Kymberly Carter, Director of the Hands of Hope Pregnancy & Resource Center, and to Ms. Zemmie Fleck, Executive Director of GRTL for joining me in celebrating with the couple.

Truly, there is a tremendous need for more people to stand up for the sanctity of human life. Abortion has claimed the lives of at least 60 million children, while the elderly and infirm are increasingly at risk of being discarded as useless expenses. We need to change public opinion about these issues, and that takes people who are willing to join us in educating our community about the importance of Personhood and the sanctity of life.

Feel free to contact me via email for more information at You can also check out Georgia Right to Life‘s website.



The Law of Honor (cont’d)

Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee. Exodus 20:12

I think nearly every child has been told about this verse at least once. I can recall my mothers reminding me of this time and time again. When I was much younger, I was a very rebellious child living in some adverse situations that I was too young to fully understand. Truly, there is a time and season for everything. Born fifth in order,yet I was the first one in my family to be born again at a very young age. Needless to state, my thinking was renewed and I challenged my family to live life the way God intended. Although my character was developing, my faith was firm and my family knew it. My unsaved biological mother, Mary acknowledged that I was “special” in word and deed yet always reminded me that she was the parent! My father was and still is a hardworking man and can nearly fix anything that needs repairing especially vehicles. Unfortunately, he was not very active in my life and I don’t really believe he understood his significance in the life of any of his children.Truly, I am grateful for their countless sacrifices and I will honor them forever.

Simultaneously,  I give thanks to Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of my faith for his protection, provision and for one whom I call “my Moses”, my mother Ruby. She was delegated by my mother, Mary to rear me and later my baby sister since I was five months old.  At the time of my “adoption,” she was unsaved yet God’s purpose prevailed! Five years later, I can remember her taking me to church time and time again and receiving salvation by grace through faith in Christ Jesus . Honestly, our services were scheduled five times a week at that time and were at least two hours long! Despite the fact that I was a child of her husband from another woman, Ruby always taught me to honor my mother and father and enforced the law when I had trouble with being obedient.

With this in mind, honor your mother and father with no exceptions! Salute to my parents for handling such a delicate situation so maturely. I am that I am by the grace of God!

Mr. Lenoris Daniels

Lessons from Ancient Rome

Rome wasn’t built in a day

Important work takes time. This expression functions as an injunction or plea for someone to be patient. For example, You can’t expect her to finish this project in the time allotted; Rome wasn’t built in a day . This phrase was a French proverb in the late 1100s but was not recorded in English until 1545.
For Cambridge International Idioms:
Rome wasn’t built in a day. (n.d.) Cambridge Idioms Dictionary, 2nd ed.. (2006). Retrieved August 11 2017 from
I find it quite amazing the things that were often quoted to me when I was younger that I did not understand but as time progresses, the depths of this expression resonates daily and has marked a transition on my approach to accomplish goals and to value the importance of my daily decisions. Gratefully, my parents were always hard-working and instilled within us the value and importance of being employed.While serving in the Georgia Army National Guard, my non-commissioned officers would remind us and stress the importance of working together or in their verbal commands “work smarter not harder.” Needless to state, teamwork makes the impossible possible.
In addition, this life lesson has given me a greater understanding of the importance of planning. I can recall the words of my “financial guru” during one of his sermons. My senior pastor, Bishop Cleveland Dennison, exhorted the church to continue to endure hardness as a good soldier as stated in 2 Timothy 2:3-5 and to be consistent with your speed to conquer your giant(s) using one of Aesop’s fables, The Tortoise and the Hare as a backdrop.  Although these profound words can be applied many different ways, I applied this to my finances in reference to my monthly payments on my new car.
As a junior deacon at my local church, I am learning the importance of having systems in place to conquer the next building project and/or to expand existing ministries simultaneously effectively and efficiently. Please feel free to share one or more of your life’s lessons!